My art: Sophitia from Soul Calibur

Yeah, back in the day, I was pretty into Soul Calibur. I played the arcade game (in a real arcade) and scoured the internet for screenshots of my favorite characters, Seung Mi Na and Ivy. (Aside: In her military outfit, does Ivy not look like the buxom daughter of Zechs and Noin from Gundam Wing? With the Epyon’s whip?? Anyone with me, here?) Then I watched in horror as Ivy’s breasts grew ever larger and Seung Mi Na’s clothes grew ever skimpier with each new release of the game. Soul Calibur V‘s character designs are actually not too bad, though.

Anyway, I drew Seung Mi Na, Hwang Sung Kyung, Xianghua, and Sophitia. I present the last here as my first example of art older than 2012. (This is from 2001.)

Sophitia from Soul Calibur
Sophitia from Soul Calibur

So, for over ten years ago, I think this is okay. Her face is alright, and I’m proud of her torso, skirt, and legs.

Sophitia's hand
Just look at that thing.

That braid, though – doesn’t look natural at all, does it? And that hand! What’s up with that?

Thanks for looking at my old art. There is much more where that came from!


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