My art: the Nile

Anuket (the Nile) and Shu (air)
Anuket (the Nile) and Shu (air)

To wrap up my month about Ancient Egypt, I figured it’d be cool to show you a conceptual sketch. This is Anuket, a goddess who embodied the Nile waters, and Shu, a god who represented air.

The idea behind this image is to illustrate how the Nile works: the waters flow south to north and the air currents flow north to south.* That means you can just open your sails to go south, and close them to go north. No oars required – just kick back and crack open a copy of The Book of the Dead.

Anyway, a finished version of this image would involve an actual landscape, and the figures would be sort of floaty and transparent, and a little less stylized.

*A little note: the Ancient Egyptians called the south Upper Egypt and the north Lower Egypt because of how the Nile flows.


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