Webcomic review: Toothpaste for Dinner

I know the exact date I started reading this comic. It was September 30, 2005. I was in the manga section of Borders and was about to head for the checkout line when I saw this.

Toothpaste for Dinner book cover

I was like, “What the…” and picked it up. And immediately laughed. So I bought it and have been reading the comic online ever since – that’s nearly seven years. I also eventually started reading Drew’s wife Natalie’s comic, Natalie Dee, and the comic they make together, Married to the Sea.

So what’s so great about Toothpaste for Dinner? Drew posts one comic per day. Every day! With that kind of output, the really funny ones – the ones you want (and sometimes get to buy) on a t-shirt – really pile up, and before you know it, you’ve got tons and tons of them.

Drew’s subject matter covers pretty much everything. You could consider his comics visual Tweets – it’s just what was on his mind that day, I guess. In March, he made fun of newspapers, video games, office jobs, clocks, sports, school, and the metric system.

If you’re a little leery about the artwork, well – the artwork is part of why it’s funny. It’s silly, simple, and consistent, and enhances the jokes. And I would never have picked up the book if that weirdo face wasn’t on the cover.

If you aren’t already reading Toothpaste for Dinner, I suggest you do! Here are some of my favorites:

DEA officials held a press conference to alert law enforcement officers of a dangerous new hallucinogen, "books", which can cause users (slang term "readers") to visualize people and places that do not exist.
I've been on books for decades.

Why are all women such dumb, idiotic no-boob-showing bitches? None of them want to go out with NICE guys like me.
Hey dude... how was school today? It was fantastic... after eight years of drudgery and alienation, everyone suddenly decided to be my friend and  my education is now relevant.
D is for Diploma, C is for Came to class, B is for Bullshittin', A is for Actually read the book.


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