Artist profile: Ursula Vernon – intro

Every month, I profile an artist that inspires my own art, in several segments.

Welcome to the first of my five-part series (because there are five Tuesdays this month) about my favorite contemporary artist, Ursula Vernon. The image below is one of the first images of hers I ever saw online (around 2006), and I think it represents her work pretty well.

A snail with strong views about evolution.
The Snail's Bumper Sticker by Ursula Vernon

What I love about Ursula Vernon’s work

  • quirky sense of humor (I’m sure she’s no stranger to the word “quirky”)
  • randomness of subject matter (pears with ram’s horns, anyone?)
  • non-overwhelming cuteness
  • experimentation with media and technique (for example, squiggle backgrounds)
  • fantastic atmosphere
  • inspiration from Nature
  • makes me smile : )

    How it’s affected my style
    Ms. Vernon just seems to be totally into her own brain – like, other people wouldn’t even dream up those ram-pears, let alone actually draw them. I only wish I could have that kind of cornucopia of creativity.* Mostly, Ursula Vernon provides me with a wealth of wackiness that not only inspires my art, but makes me feel happy when I look at it – which is very important to me.

    Please visit Ursula, her Red Wombat Studio, and check out her works Digger, the Dragonbreath Series, Little Creature, Nurk: The Strange Surprising Adventures Of A (Somewhat) Brave Shrew, Black Dogs, Black Sheep, and Irrational Fears.

    * “Cornucopia of creativity” TM 2012 ridleyhil.**

    **Just kidding!

    Other parts in the Ursula Vernon artist profile series


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