My art: Inuyasha & Kagome

Inuyasha and Kagome from an early manga volume
After Rumiko Takahashi’s manga style.

I drew Inuyasha & Kagome around 2004, when I was watching the show, but these particular images are from the manga (one of the earlier volumes, with the faceless mother-creature). I drew the two diagonally from each other (you can see Inuyasha’s back behind Kagome), but I decided to crop and re-arrange them for easier viewing on the blog.

This is not usually like me, but I actually prefer the animated character designs over Rumiko Takahashi’s manga designs. Before you curse me, let me say that the animated characters appear more grown-up, while the manga designs have a more childish look. Sesshoumaru, especially, ends up looking far younger than he really is.

I’m proud of these sketches because they look pretty much like the source material – although I’m not sure why I have Inuyasha’s beads draped over his shoulder. Fashion statement?


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