Webcomic review: Inverloch

I read Inverloch, by Sarah Ellerton (aka Arts-Angel), from June 2006 to October 2007. It was the first webcomic I came across that was plotted from start to finish.

page 417
page 417

As I was browsing through random pages to refresh my memory, I realized that Ellerton’s artwork and craft as a comic artist really improves over the course of the comic. She becomes more sensitive to line width, shadows, and framing the action. I must say that her skill is even more evident in her second webcomic, Phoenix Requiem, which I will review next month.
from page 356
Acheron, from page 356

Regarding the story, I quite enjoyed it. It takes place in an imaginary world populated by humans, elves, magicians, and wolf-ish humanoid creatures called Da’kor. It’s got some humor, some drama, lots of magical things, and even a bit of romance. Inverloch is a pretty classic, quest-based fantasy tale, but the ending twist really surprised me. Maybe it won’t surprise you when you read it, but I didn’t see it coming!



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