My art: Firebender preview

I had a fun and interesting conversation with my Special Someone about what kind of Benders we would be if we were in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender (which I discovered is called The Legend of Aang in Europe). And it turned out that I would be a Firebender first and a Waterbender second, and he would be an Airbender first and an Earthbender second. So, I decided to sketch up some designs for characters based on us, and this is a preview of my Firebender. Once I find my tablet, I’ll be scanning her in and experimenting with colors, and I hope to have a completed character sheet by next week. (Edit: haha! But seriously, here she is.)

sneak peak at my Firebender
She will look better next week.

I drew my Firebender and Waterbender at the same time so that I wouldn’t make them too similar. It took me hours and hours. And hours! I finally got some line art that I was satisfied with, but seriously, I revised the designs about eight times. I was possessed!


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