Artist profile: Johanna Pieterman – Intro

woman and horse in EgyptEvery month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art, in several segments.

I don’t remember when or how I came across Ms. Pieterman’s work, but I was immediately impressed. As you may recall, if I do put color in my work it is via a Prismacolor colored pencil, and so I feel a special connection with all other colored pencil artists. Until I actually looked at her bio to write about her, I didn’t realize Johanna Pieterman is from the Netherlands and settled in Scotland. She is also a founder of the United Kingdom Colored Pencil Society.

What I love about Johanna Pieterman’s work

  • colored pencil represent!
  • realism
  • mystical and nature-based subject matter
  • creative portraits – a good niche
  • Alphonse Mucha-like combination of realism and fantasy

How it’s affected my style
It’s not her style so much as her subject matter that draws me to Ms. Pieterman’s work. Although I don’t actually do it, fantasy portraiture is something I’d love to do. It harkens back to the days of patron-based art and when portraits were done by hand (e.g. almost all of Western history). I mean, seriously – how cool would it be to have a portrait of you as your favorite mythical figure, accompanied by your saber-toothed tiger companion, in front of Stonehenge? With a light saber?? Photoshop might get you something close, but few people have the skills or patience to make sure all the shadows are going the correct way, everything is in the correct focus, etc. But with colored pencils, the only limit is the talent of the artist and the imagination of the patron.

Join me this month as I explore Johanna Pieterman’s portfolio!

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