Artist profile: Johanna Pieterman – People

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art, in several segments.

Much of Johanna Pieterman’s work is commissioned portraits. Here are a few that stand out.
And the Wind Became Crazy by Johanna Pieterman
And the Wind Became Crazy
This image is modeled after Boreas by John William Waterhouse. Stevie Nicks is the model.
Celtic Shyla by Johanna Pieterman
Celtic Shyla
That triquetra earring must have taken a while – it’s hard drawing Celtic symbols. Shyla’s hair is also pretty cool – I find it hard to make hair different colors without it looking wonky.
Rhiannon by Johanna Pieterman
What kid wouldn’t think a portrait like this is super cool?
Gypsy by Johanna Pieterman
You may have noticed that Johanna Pieterman draws Stevie Nicks. A lot. This one doesn’t make a big deal out of it, though. (Neither does the first one, above.)

Other parts in the Johanna Pieterman artist profile series
Fantasy Art




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