Webcomic review: Galaxion

page 20Galaxion is a straight-up science fiction comic set in the future when humans travel in spaceships. As a life-long sci-fi fan – especially the voyaging-and-discovering-in-the-future kind (e.g. Star Trek and Babylon 5) – I am impressed with and delighted by this story.

Galaxion began as a print comic, published from 1993 to 1999. Tara Tallan is the author, artist, letterer, and publisher of this fine comic, and was nominated for the Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent the Friends of Lulu Kim Yale Award for Best New Talent twice. Tallan began re-publishing Galaxion as a webcomic in March 2007. I started reading it in June 2009.

What I find impressive: several things! First, science fiction world-building is harrrrd. You might think it’s easy because you can just make stuff up, but it’s difficult to come up with ideas that a.) haven’t been overdone by others b.) don’t sound/look stupid c.) form a cohesive environment for your characters. And to do this in comic form – where every frame demands backgrounds, characters, and technology that might normally be glossed over in a book – is especially arduous. And Tallan does it really well! And the spaceship is coooool.

Second, the storyline is intriguing. There’s a central mystery that still hasn’t been completely explained by page 268, and I can’t wait to find out what’s up! And it has to do with… aliens.

Third, the characters are mostly female and I love it. They represent a wide range of personalities, ethnicities, and abilities, and every one of them is important. The male characters have no problem with these ladies being in positions of authority, either. That’s just how it is. I really appreciate a sci-fi story in the future that doesn’t fall into the tired stereotypes and attitudes about gender of today.

Below are a few examples of the artwork and non-spoiling dialogue. Enjoy and please start reading!

page 14

page 33

page 149


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