Artist profile: Johanna Pieterman – Animals

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art, in several segments.

Johanna Pieterman draws realistic animal portraits, usually with their owners. I tried really hard not to post too many kitties.
gorgeous white cat with blue eyes, and flowers
Lily the Birman
Such a pretty kitty! The eyes are jewel-like, and that paw? Pretty great. It’s difficult to draw cats in a way that doesn’t seem all, “OMG I love kitties SO MUCH they are my best friends” – even though there’s nothing wrong with that. But it becomes a little monotonous in the art world. Ms. Pieterman went along the more dignified mysterious-and-beautiful road.
brown horse with blonde woman
Arabian Sandy
Drawing horses presents a similar dilemma. Arabian Sandy, I think, is a good example of bringing a horse out of the windswept, wild plains and into a smaller, more intimate atmosphere. (Yes, even though the Pyramids are in the background.)
lady lion with lady person
Ooh, you know this isn’t actually real, haha. I like that the lioness and human faces are close together, and that the lioness’s takes precedence.
column of animal heads like a totem pole
There are no humans at all in this one. I think the abstract swirls from the eagle’s wings work really well, as do the wings themselves as a framing element.

Other parts in the Johanna Pieterman artist profile series
Fantasy Art



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