3 myths about inspiration by Lora Innes

Lora Innes at Paper Wings Podcast wants you to know that “Inspiration can help us put a name and a face on our dreams, on our yearnings. It can kickstart us into finally embarking on the journey. But alone, inspiration isn’t enough to get us there.”

The three myths she busts are:
1.) Inspiration is one-size-fits-all
2.) Inspiration fuels art
3.) Inspiration equals ability

I don’t have that big an issue with getting inspiration since I am always looking at blogs and pretty pictures, but this article made me think about my own expectations when I’m reading and looking. I do often see something that I want to imitate and then shut myself down because it seems too intricate and time-consuming (myth #2). But I don’t think I’ve ever confused inspiration with ability (myth #1). It’s a bad idea to confuse those two! I’m sure lots of sad thoughts stem from that myth : (


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