Webcomic review: Minimum Security

Bunnista with his favorite toys
This month* I’m reviewing Minimum Security, the often-depressing, often-funny daily webcomic about environmentalism. Its author, Stephanie McMillan, explores the problems of environmental ruin, corporate power, violence, and avenues of resistance (and the lack there-of).

It’s probably the most relevant-to-today, theory-applying comic I’ve read. (I’ve been reading since June 2009.) However, in its presentation of environmental ruin, corporate power, and our limited paths of resistance, the comic does get depressing. It’s not something I read to feel good, generally – yet, the fact that someone is exploring these issues in comic form and manages to do so in such a down-to-earth, smart way – that is a very good thing.

Artwise, McMillan’s style is simple, but distinctive, and she uses a limited palette of solid colors. The characters started out looking like children, then abruptly became adults with the start of her “At War: Long Form Narrative”. In between, she added color.

The cast of characters is diverse in gender, skin color, sexual orientation, and species (there are talking animals). It will probably come as no surprise that Bunnista is my favorite character. He is a bunny with a penchant for weapons, after all.

Here are some of my favorite strips:

Kranti sprays Chip with pesticide
from June 25, 2007

Babies aren't organic!
from May 16, 2007

…yup. From Sept 30, 2011

*I was planning to review the silent comic eekeemoo by William Morris-Julien, but to my dismay, the webcomic page is non-existent – so you can no longer even read the incomplete comic. I really liked it before it was discontinued. However, you can visit these pages to see his other work: Home Page (click on the face at the bottom) and Flickr.



  1. Hi Ridleyhil! I was trying to find a email address to email you by but I’m not really having the best of luck ^^; I wanted to ask if you might be able to do a review of my webcomic as well? It’s called Love! Love! Fighting! and it’s a story about a heavy set young woman of color and the lesson that she learns about beauty and love while participating on a game show in South Korea.
    I would definitely understand if you’re a bit swamped right now *I’m a stay at home mom now but when I was in art school and working two different jobs I was extremely tired =.=* but thank you for taking the time out to read my request and I hope to hear back from you .

  2. Hi! I’ve got my reviews planned through December, so if I can review your webcomic, it will be in January 2013. I took a glimpse today, though, and it looks great!

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