Artist profile: Josephine Wall – Introduction

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.


Dance © Josephine Wall
Josephine Wall is an English fantasy artist. She’s been painting for a while, and I’d seen her work in various catalogs for years before I found her on the internet. She has an extensive about page, so you can go over there to learn about her history and many commissions. Her subjects tend to be fairies, mythological figures, and ideas/concepts like Peace.

I found her On Painting page really cool. She takes you through her work process with two paintings, commenting on all the changes she makes in the process – and she makes quite a few! That’s the beauty of acrylic paint.

What I love about her work

  • fantasy subjects
  • surrealistic blending of subjects (e.g. candles growing out of a fairy’s head)
  • colors (I even like the bright ones!)
  • extreme detail
  • every spot of the canvas is filled with something

    Join me for a month of Ms. Wall’s surreal fantasy paintings!


    Other parts in the Josephine Wall artist profile series
    Air & Water


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