Artist profile: Josephine Wall – Air & Water

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

It’s difficult to categorize Josephine Wall‘s paintings, but luckily she does it herself on her website. This week I’ll be talking about her Air and Water paintings. (Fair warning, there are unobtrusive breasts ahead.)

© Josephine Wall

Flight of the Lynx
Remember Leonardo’s Madonna of the Rocks? That’s probably where Ms. Wall got the face for this painting. Also, lynxes aren’t nearly that big! As you’ll see, Josephine Wall crams the canvas full of all sorts of things, and objects blend into each other.
© Josephine Wall

Andromeda’s Quest
Unlike most fantasy artists, Ms. Wall includes some modern – well, “modern” – technology in her paintings. Here we have a morning glory gramophone. There’s a lot going on: flowers, galaxies, butterflies, rainbows, waves, a boat with a reptile head. And landscapes in the sails. Makes you go @_@. You can see it bigger here.
© Josephine Wall

Mer Angel
A long time ago, I had this idea – but obviously Josephine Wall had it way before me! I like looking at this image. She’s got an M.C. Escher thing going on with the underwater forest, and all three realms (sky, land, and sea) are present. It’s plain cool.
© Josephine Wall

Space Maid
This actually looks like an older painting, since Ms. Wall doesn’t use this acid-rainbow palette too much anymore. It also doesn’t have a whole lot of random objects floating around. It still combines realms (sea and space), though, and is typically dynamic and full of motion.

Join me next week for fairies. (Of course, fairies!)


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