My art: Firebender design

Remember back in June when I posted a sneak preview of my Firebender? And said I would post a color version the next week?


The story of this post begins September 3. I had already sketched my Firebender, and finished the digital version. I came up with over 16 color combinations, settled on 4, and created this post; I saved it to be published later.

I then completed my Waterbender September 7, realized how much cooler she looked, and decided to redesign the Firebender. Then I went through the same process again!

The story of my Firebender is that she is descended from Fire Sages, who started out being the spiritual leaders of the Fire Nation, but by the time of Legend of Aang mostly just officiated weddings and funerals. I thought it would be cool to have her family raise her in a more spiritual tradition.

Anyway, here is the original sketch and my four final choices from the first design.

She wears a jinbaori (did I just link to a Pinterest page??), which I’ve liked ever since I saw Shuten Doji/Anubis wear his on Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors. They are just so badass.

However, while I was researching for the redesign, I came across The Fire Nation is Not Japan. When I first watched Legend of Aang, I associated the Fire Nation with (Imperial) Japan because of their militaristic society and strong association with the sun. However, when it comes to clothing, they really do wear things that resemble Thai and Tang Dynasty Chinese clothes and armor. (Besides, the only jinbaori I saw was in the Earth Kingdom.) So I went with a way more Chinese outfit (which also resembles the Fire Sages’ clothes) and I like it!

Fourteen color choices
Final four

Lastly, here are three eye color options: gold, green, and grey. (All these colors occur in Fire Nation characters, although green is rare.)

My Airbender will have grey eyes and my Earthbender will have green, so this Firebender will definitely have gold. Likewise, she’s totally going to have black hair because the brown is kind of blah and the reddish shade (Suki’s shade) makes everything way too orange. It’s still cool to consider them, though.

I will be posting character designs for my Water, Air, and Earthbenders soon. (Just click on the Avatar tag to see them all.) This is super fun!



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