Artist profile: Josephine Wall – Fairies

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Of course Josephine Wall paints fairies. Who doesn’t? But most don’t do it as well as she does.

© Josephine Wall

Magpie Fairy
If you’ve ever seen a Wall painting before, it’s probably been this one. It’s the first one I saw, too; it was in a fantasy catalog. I really like the “found” idea of the fairy – she just picks up whatever she likes. The safety pin and paper clips give some scale. She’s also got glowy antennae.
© Josephine Wall

Oak Fairy
The Oak Fairy is pretty typical of how people draw fairies – a child-like person with hair, wings, and clothes that mimic a plant (whatever the fairy is a fairy of).
© Josephine Wall

Fantasy in Blue
The largely monochromatic palette in this painting is unusual for Ms. Wall. It works really well, though, and she uses muted browns and golds that break up the blue without contrasting too much with it.

These are only three of the many fairies Josephine Wall has at her website. Go check them all out!


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  1. Hi Libby – Josephine does not make it easy to buy her art! After much searching, I did find a big list of places you can buy stuff:

    There is what appears to be a central website with lots of merchandise – – but unfortunately it throws errors every time you click a “Buy” button – you can try too but it will probably not work : ( It would be great if she got that fixed.

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