My art: Waterbender design

My second Bender design is for a Waterbender. Her story is that she is from the Northern Water Tribe. After Katara showed everyone that ladies can kick ass with Waterbending, I figure that the Northern women demanded to be able to fight too. I imagine that my character was one of the young girls who witnessed the fight between Katara and the Waterbending master, and grew up the first generation of female Northern Waterbenders trained to heal and fight. (And I’m sure there were little boys who wanted to learn how to heal, too!)

Above is my original sketch. I based her clothing off of Sokka’s in the comic trilogy The Promise – which I actually haven’t read, haha. Her water canteen is Katara’s from that same comic. Her hair is definitely of the more ornate Northern Tribe style.

My color schemes are blues and violets, which can be seen in the clothes of both Water Tribes. I was surprised at how many combos I came up with (I whittled down from sixteen), since I had the colors in my mind as I was drawing. But once I experimented, I found that I really liked the dark and light shades the best, the middle colors being kind of boring.

My second pare-down has only one blue – I just really like the violets on her. You’ll also notice her slippers – I have these slippers. (They were an X-mas gift from my Special Someone!) They wouldn’t be very practical for traveling, though. The brown gloves and boots look a bit off with the violets; grey might look better.

Although Yue is the only young character to have white hair (due a magical plot point that I will not disclose here), I thought it’d be fun to see what my character would look like that way. I also tried blue, teal, and violet eyes; violet is entirely my invention and again, I was just experimenting – her eyes will definitely be blue.

And lastly, warrior face!

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