Artist profile: Josephine Wall – Mythological

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

My last post about Josephine Wall combines images from her (Greek) Zodiac and Goddesses collections.

© Josephine Wall

Zodiac: Cancer
Holy crap – I’ve seen this picture half a dozen times and I just noticed the young mermaid! That’s Josephine Wall for you. For Cancer-themed paintings, this is really nice. We’ve got the constellation, the crab, shells, moths, the moon, a pearl, and the sea. It manages to look natural – as natural as mermaids hanging out with a giant crab can look, anyway. Speaking of the crab, check out how ornate the crab is! Prettiest crab ever.
© Josephine Wall

Zodiac: Libra
Libra is the middle sign of the Zodiac and its symbol is the scale. As such, Ms. Wall has emphasized the theme of balance in her painting. It’s really difficult to make dynamic artwork with two equal halves, but Josephine Wall does it, and quite well. Not only does this painting keep your eye moving, it surprises you with all the things going on. Did you notice the two big faces near the woman’s hips? I didn’t at first, and the BAM – omg faces!
© Josephine Wall

Aurora (Painting the Dawn)
When I first saw this painting, I was impressed. It’s very striking. It occurs to me that the landscape and sunrise might steal the show if the goddess figure wasn’t so large in comparison. The painting also has a sort-of diagonal balance, with dark colors in the upper right and lower left corners, and light colors in the remaining corners. I also admire how Ms. Wall worked the colors of the sunrise into the wings and gown of Aurora.
© Josephine Wall

Moon Goddess
Oh man. This one is so cool! What I like best is the goddess’s face, lit from below. Very atmospheric.
© Josephine Wall
Crystal of Enchantment
The woman in this painting isn’t a particular goddess. I’m actually not sure what she’s doing, haha. Again, the warm glow on her skin is very nice; the abstract butterfly-wing pattern on the left is also eye-catching. You can see Ms. Wall’s process of painting it – and boy, does she change her mind a lot!

During the past month of posts, I’ve become much more familiar with Ms. Wall’s artwork than I was previously. Before, I liked her art; now, I love it! I only wish that I could see her paintings in person to better appreciate all the lovely details.


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