My art: Airbender design

My Airbender was a sort-of commission from my Special Someone. He was very specific about what he wanted, so I hardly experimented at all. What he wanted was basically Aang’s outfit from the last episode of Legend of Aang. (This post is kind of anti-climatic for me because I didn’t agonize over the design and colors the way I did for my Fire and Waterbenders.)

Above is my original sketch; below, two options. He wears a belt with three beads above the tassels which have the Airbending design on them (Airbending Masters have these on necklaces.)

Although the Airbender will have grey eyes, I have three options: grey, blue-grey (slate grey), and brown. I’m not really sure which of the greys I like better.

Click on the Avatar tag to see all my designs.



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