My art: Influence map!

Here’s the key:

1.) manga (Otoyomegatari by Kaoru Mori)
I’ve been reading manga since, what, 2001? That’s a while. Its elegant, line-driven appearance is integral to my art style and probably always will be.

2.) cuteness (Scent of a Slug by Ursula Vernon)
Cuteness is essential to my mental survival, and many, many of my works explore just how damn cute I can make something.

3.) Alphonse Mucha (Primrose)
Even since I found him in 2009, Mucha has been my inspiration. He has everything: line, motion, personified ideas, nature, pretty ladies, symbolism, creative abstraction, and a designer’s sense of placement. I’ve done a few direct imitations which were okay, but I hope to develop a style that’s a blend of Mucha and me.

4.) art history ( Queen Nefertari)
Well duh. But I also like to imitate or hint at certain styles when I think it will add to an artwork, and that is a common occurrence.

5.) fantasy (Legolas in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)
I’ve grown up on sci-fi and fantasy – watching and reading – and the way it opens your mind to different possibilities is amazing; but when I draw, it’s fantasy, not sci-fi. And I draw fantasy pretty much all the time.

6.) realism (Madonna of the Rocks, London version by Leonardo da Vinci)
Maybe realism conflicts with manga and fantasy… maybe it doesn’t. I value realism and I try to be as realistic as I can within the manga style and fantasy genre.

7.) powerful women (Bette Davis, promo for All About Eve)
When I’m creating characters, I create strong and powerful ladies. Bette Davis portrayed dozens of such characters.

8.) androgyny (Bill Kaulitz)
I can track my first androgynous male sighting to Jaye Davidson in Stargate, which I saw when I was six. Then manga came along and I just got used to seeing boys looking like girls. It’s difficult for me to draw men any other way. And, on the girl side, it’s fun drawing girls with short hair because they are super cute!

9.) historical fashion (evening dresses c.1806 drawn by Cecil Everitt)
I love love researching and designing historical outfits.

10.) Nature (Melancholy Autumn by Kevin Thom)
I don’t usually draw Nature directly, but I do incorporate it into my art.

11.) mythology (Roman sculpture of Athena in the Louvre)
I guess mythology could go under fantasy, but I often draw actual mythological figures.

12.) the dramatic (scene from the silent film Nosferatu)
It’s hard to describe what I mean by “the dramatic”. I like to illustrate dramatic moments and dramatic motion, and to design people who look dramatic and powerful. I also hope to make artwork that makes people react strongly.

13.) bellydance (Ariellah)
I’ve drawn a few bellydancers and bellydance outfits, and incorporate the drama, beauty, motion, and fushion qualities of bellydance into my work.

14.) weapons (closeup of one of Legolas’ knives)
Just like historical clothing, I love looking at and designing elegant, beautiful weapons. I’m influenced by LotR, manga, video games, and real historical weapons.

Even though you can put non-art things in there, I decided to be strict and really limit what I included so that it wasn’t just a picture of all my fave things. (Because I started out like, “I’mma put David Bowie all OVER this thing!”) And even though some things don’t have a number, they’re still represented: classic film, faces, women, detail, motion, line.

I’ll look at my influence map when I feel lost and stuck. You can download the template by Fox Orian and make your own!


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