My art: Exotic

This is the second of my attempts at the “mood-setting” exercise from Scott McCloud’s Making Comics. The exercise is about what he calls aspect-to-aspect transitions between panels. Here, I drew mostly Egyptian-ish things.

Counterclockwise from the top-left corner: basket of scrolls, beauty things (bottle, mirror with Hathor’s face on it, comb with a kitty on it), pointed sandals and folded cloth (from above), bed with pillows, box with key, brush with paint container, bowl with feet with… something in it. Seeds… seeds of some kind? Haha.

Like my first one, I’m not into it. It’s not that great. I’m actually terrified of what my first attempt at a real comic would be when I look at these things! But I still liked the process of deciding what to show and what angles to take.

Lastly – I didn’t mean to, but I ended up putting shoes in the top-right corner in both of them.


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