Webcomic review: Hark! A Vagrant!

Oh my goodness. My very favoritest webcomic evar! It is Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton.

I know I can gush (a little) and wax poetic (a bit) and enthuse (just a tad), so I will try to refrain from rhapsodizing about this webcomic. But it will be hard!

Velocipedestrienne (#331) (now on a t-shirt YES)

I’ve been reading Hark! A Vagrant since August 2010. I’m a former History Major like Beaton (she also majored in Anthropology), so I adore the fact that most of her comics are about history. Her other comics are usually about books, too, or science, or feminism = I am 100% happy! Sometimes Beaton also tells us about what she drew and gives links and everything.

According to her about page, Beaton draws a comic in pencil, goes over it in ink using brush pens, and then shades with grey markers or watercolor. On this blog entry about what’s on her desk, Beaton elaborates further about her tools, which she carries with her: “Bristol paper, clear ruler, laptop, ipod, pencil case with all my pencils, erasers, pens and brush pens.” That’s a lot to carry around!

Beaton’s art style is one that I envy. It’s simple, stark, and pleasing; it can be very cartoonish, but sometimes on the realistic side; and the facial expressions – oh lawd, the facial expressions. They make the comic. They just do. They are amazing.

Totally failing on not rhapsodizing.

I shall now present some of the best comics so you can see what I’m talking about! (Click on an image to go to that specific comic.)

Jane Austin Comics (#4)

Young Ada Lovelace (#298)

Strong Female Characters (#311) (Because sexism is over!)

Edward Gorey book cover interpretation (#326)

NEMESIS (#327) (He’s got a picture on the necklace!)


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