Artist profile: Judith Leyster – Happy People

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Like many Dutch artists in the 1600s, Judith Leyster made “genre paintings”: images of cheerful people having fun together, often in taverns. Here are five that show off her talents, but you can see more at the Wikipaintings page.
Three Boys Merrymaking (1629)
You’ll recognize the boy on the right (with his foot up) from Leyster’s self portrait.
Jolly Toper (1629)
“Toper” means someone who drinks a lot… so basically this is the “Jolly Alcoholic” (yaaay). Leyster painted another version, and I honestly don’t know which I like better. I posted the 1629 one because the image quality is better, and you can see the details better.
A Game of Cards (unknown date)
A woman playing cards? Awesome. It looks like she might have lost the hand, though – her opponent certainly seems to be rubbing it in.

Jug, you so funny!
Jug, you so funny!

A Youth with a Jug (unknown date)
The texture of the jug is super nice.

Laughing Children with a Cat (1629)
I actually don’t like this one all that much, but it’s very expressive. Also, I’m interested in any paintings of pets because they’re pretty much the only way, besides DNA research, that we know when and where certain breeds existed.

Other parts in the Judith Leyster artist profile series



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