Artist profile: Judith Leyster – Portraits

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Judith Leyster didn’t paint very many straight-up portraits – as far as anyone knows. Here are three, including her lovely self portrait.

self portrait
self portrait

Self-portrait (c.1630)
Leyster was about 21 years old when she painted this. Holding her artist’s tools, she leans back from her easel with upturned, parted lips, much like the people in her genre paintings. The figure she’s painting is from Three Boys Merrymaking, which we can assume she felt best represented her style and talent.
Portrait of a Woman (unknown date)
Oh god, Dutch fashion = so horrible! I mean, what the hell is that on her head?? BUT I do wish I could see it larger, because the lace on her cuffs and the folds of her ruff look really nice.
Girl with a Straw Hat (1635)
Such a sweet picture. The texture of her hair and straw hat is great. The light and shadows on her face, too, are well done. Is it just me, or does this seems slightly Impressionistic?

So, this is the last artist profile post of the year. Visit the Artist of the Month page to see which artists I’ll be writing about all next year!

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