Artist profile: Helena Nelson-Reed – Introduction

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.


The Hollow Hills
The Hollow Hills

Self-taught artist Helena Nelson-Reed creates stunning watercolor paintings. Being a psychology major, “her primary focus is exploring the collective consciousness and the portrayal of archetypal imagery in the tradition of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell.”

This is pretty obvious in the ethereal, spiritual, dynamic quality of these paintings.

Until I saw Nelson-Reed’s paintings, I never knew that one could accomplish that kind of detail with watercolor. She indeed “push[es] the medium of watercolor past the usual limits.” I can only get that kind of detail with colored pencils.

Path of the Shapeshifter
Path of the Shapeshifter

Join me for the first Artist of the Month of 2013, during which you’ll view Nelson-Reed’s gorgeous animals, personifications, celestial beings, and more.


Other parts in the Helena Nelson-Reed artist profile series



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