Artist profile: Helena Nelson-Reed – Animals

Artist profile: Helena Nelson-Reed – Animals

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Helena Nelson-Reed’s watercolor paintings of animals are really, really cool. All the swirlies and shapes on them look like tattoos.
Free Spirits
These are similar to cave paintings of horses, except the colors are predominantly cool instead of warm.
Path of the Shapeshifter
Even though the stag isn’t moving, this is quite a dynamic image. The curvy ground and sky, the stag’s antlers, and his “tattoos” are all curvy, dreamy, and full of motion.
We Are All Connected
Very similar to Path of the Shapeshifter, this one has a definite seasons-of-the-year appearance. I love the mirror images. And there’s a turtle in the middle!

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