Webcomic review: Love! Love! Fighting!

For my 150th post, I’ll be reviewing Love! Love! Fighting!, which I’ve been reading since October 2012.
The author, artist, and publisher is Sharean Morishita (aka S-Morishita). Her other webcomic is called Bottled Prince and she runs Sky Art Designs. S-Morishita makes Love! Love! Fighting! using Manga Studio EX4, Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator, and Paint Tool Sai.

I’m going to let her tell you about the comic because this is what made me want to read it:

What makes someone worthy to be loved? Is it the shape of their body? Is it their weight? or are they worthy because of the amount of fame and fortune they might have? Come along and join Oriana as she tries to survive in a South Korean variety show, while trying to learn the answers to her questions. Even if you feel all alone you’re not. Even if you feel like you don’t matter, you do. Even if you feel like you aren’t worth being loved, you are loved.

What I like about this comic:

  • the style is neat: a little on the sketchy side
  • character design: I really like Oriana’s overall design, and I like her cousin’s poofball hairstyle
  • the themes of body image, love, and culture shock (she takes the time to address the language barrier, for example)
  • the main character is an overweight black woman (woefully under-represented in Western media)
  • it’s funny! funny faces and dialogue
  • the execution of the comic: I’m always impressed when someone designs a professional-looking page since I have such a hard time with that myself!

It’s pretty new and there’s not a lot up yet, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far and I will be following it to see where it goes!

The excerpts:

Oriana from chapter 2, page 4
Oriana from chapter 2, page 4

from chapter 2, page 19
from chapter 2, page 19

from chapter 3, page 3
from chapter 3, page 3


  1. Thank you sooooo much for reviewing my comic! I saw the pingback on my site about your post and it really helped make me happy and I really appreciate you taking the time out to review my work =^^=

  2. This looks really interesting I’m gonna read it too, I love interracial romance just for the sheer variety and equality between people of all races and cultures. The story sounds beautiful I can’t wait to read it. The art work is gorgeous also.

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