Review: Homestar Runner and Strong Bad

That would be Homestaw Wunnaw.


I first visited the Homestar Runner website on a friend’s recommendation in the summer of 2002 – over ten years ago. I immediately thought the Flash animated shorts were hilarious. They made fun of lots of stuff and the comedy was often random and surprising. I visited every week to see if there was a new Strong Bad Email or Teen Girl Squad.

What can you expect from Homestar Runner? First off, silly voices. Second, bright colors. The rest alternates between clever digs at movies and pop culture, goofiness, and slapstick – and somehow it all works really well. My favorite Strong Bad Emails are Japanese Cartoon, Dragon (Trogdor), and English Paper. I also like the Old Timey cartoons. Not a fan of the puppets, though – they’re kinda boring. The Cheat is my favorite character because he’s cute. And he cheats.

H☆R was created by college friends Mike Chapman and Craig Zobel. In 1996, Mike and Craig made a hand-drawn parody of children’s books called The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest, which they later animated using Mario Paint.
In 1999, Mike and his brother Matt (The Brothers Chaps) were learning Flash and used the book for practice. Within two years of posting their animations online, the site had exploded in popularity. The brothers were offered a tv show (which they said no to) and collaborated with musicians including They Might Be Giants (whaaaaat).

Is Homestar Runner dead??
Is Homestar Runner dead??

Unfortunately, there have been no updates to the website since early 2010 – that’s three years. One of the Chapman brothers had another baby, which apparently ate up all of his and his brother’s time? No time to even tweet? Babies ruin everything.

Anyway, H☆R was a big part of my teen years and if there comes another update, you know I’ll be there.


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