My art: Eris, my Berserker

Badass Berserker.
Badass Berserker.

I’ve been playing Torchlight II for… two months, I think? I started as an Outlander but she was much too squishy, so I created a Berserker and she. is. awesome. I love her!!

The Berserker is what I wanted, but didn’t get, from Diablo III‘s Barbarian. I love jumping into a mob and plowing my way out again. You can do this with the Berserker, but you really can’t with the Barbarian – I was kiting way too much and hardly even felt like a melee player. I enjoyed playing as the Wizard a lot more.

In my picture, Eris is wearing a bunch of different gear from different sets I’ve had. Berserkers seem like they’d just pick up and wear whatever they come across, as long as it’s useful. (I added studs to her Patchwork breastplate because it was a little boring). I went here and here for reference. Below are a few screencaps of Eris I took. My pet is a badger.


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