Artist profile: Artist profile: Zenzzen – Intro

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Zenzzen is the name Denise Jones uses. I first discovered Denise Jones a looong time ago through her webcomic Eversummer Eve, which I liked a lot but couldn’t continue reading because she switched it to a pay-for-viewing site.

a page from Eversummer Eve
a page from Eversummer Eve

Recently, I re-discovered her via her Shuten/Anubis Temperance Tarot card (which I’ll talk about in a later post) and it was one of those “it’s a small world on the internet” things.
Prince of the Gloaming
Prince of the Gloaming

So, it turns out that Zenzzen stopped Eversummer Eve but has plans to re-do it, which makes me very happy. Hopefully it will be free this time! I don’t think that forcing your viewers to suddenly have to pay for your webcomic is the best business model – it cuts off people who don’t have credit cards (like teenagers, people trying to get out of debt, and me) and it alienates people who are used to being able to read webcomics online… which is like, everyone.

But I’m still excited about a new Eversummer Eve, so what do I know? Hee hee.

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