My art: Frozen Teardrop redesigns 1

This post contains spoilers!!

Skip down to see my character redesigns – you don’t have to read the rant if you don’t want to!

The rant:
So… when I was watching Gundam Wing in Japanese last year, I went on a wiki website that mentioned a “Mars Century” and I was like, “Oh, what’s that?”

Turns out that there is a novel from 2010 called Frozen Teardrop in which people from Earth and the Colonies have established a civilization on Mars – in a ridiculously short amount of time, I might add – just 25 years.

Now, I’m not happy about this new thing. I don’t really think Gundam Wing needs anything more, just like Indiana Jones didn’t need a fourth installment. And if there had to be more, it should have been set immediately after Endless Waltz and for god’s sake, include Zechs and Noin getting together. I mean, do you know how many fanfics that couple has spawned??

But even more than the un-necessity of it – it’s the character designs. They’re really disappointing. Here is a chart showing how completely unimaginative the team was in compiling a new set of characters.

(It's not made clear where the 2nd Trowa came from.)
(It’s not made clear where the 2nd Trowa came from.)

I mean, come on! They all look exactly like the original characters. One of them is a literal clone! And the 2nd generation lookalikes of Duo and Trowa are named Duo and Trowa. And apparently hair style is genetic, what??

Plus, Heero and Relena had been cryogenically frozen, so they are exactly the same. Except that Relena has taken to wearing a replica of the mask that Zechs used to wear in Gundam Wing – what’s up with that? We don’t have enough Char clones already??

As if this second generation wasn’t enough, we see the generation of people who came before the Gundam Wing characters in flashbacks – and they look exactly like their children. There’s a guy who looks like Treize, Heero, and two twins who look like Relena (who are her aunts, or one is her mom, or something).

Katrina and Sabrina Peacecraft. Yup
Katrina and Sabrina Peacecraft. Yup

So basically we’ve got three generations of identical-looking people, and I’m really frustrated. If the creators wanted to revive Gundam Wing, then just do a regular sequel.

Anyway, after all that complaining, I made a Punnett square for Zechs and Noin – I loooove Punnett squares, they are super fun! – in which I gave Noin an Aryan-looking parent so that blonde children are genetically possible.
There is a 25% chance of each of these combos:
Violet hair Violet eyes (Noin’s appearance)
Violet hair blue eyes (Milou’s appearance)
platinum blonde hair Violet eyes
platinum blonde blue eyes (Zechs’ and Naina’s appearance)

Below are several possibilities. They don’t include swapping skin tones or facial features, and I didn’t experiment with hairstyles beyond the two originals.
As you can see, there are many more options for the twins than what we got.

Also, as I’ve said before, Ivy from Soul Calibur could totally be their kid, and she even uses a sword-whip like the Epyon.

I will be posting designs for Duo and Hilde’s child in two weeks.



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