Artist profile: AngeniaC – Mermaids

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Angenia is amazing. I’m just in awe of her detailed polymer clay creations. They’re so intricate! They have such a great sense of motion, and the hair, because of the medium, ends up looking Art Nouveau-y. And they’re super cute! Please visit her Deviant Art page to see all of her creations.

Today I present some of her best mermaids. (She has a lot!)

Lovers: Day and Night
Lovers: Day and Night

I love the contrast in color between the two mermaids, and Night’s tail.
Mermaid of the Moonstone
Mermaid of the Moonstone

Lately Angenia’s been adding glitter and reflective things to her clay creations.
Untitled (twins)
Untitled (twins)

Mermaid Butterfly Blue
Mermaid Butterfly Blue

The other thing Angenia does is make mermaid tails into butterfly wings. It’s a fusion that I’d never have thought of, but it looks really nice.
The tail is preeeeettyyyyyy
The tail is preeeeettyyyyyy

Join me all month for Angenia’s interpretations of Sailor Moon and Disney characters, as well as her stunning clay “paintings” and pencil illustrations.

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