One month on Bluecanvas

So I’ve been on Bluecanvas for a month. (Here’s my page.) I have a few thoughts.

First, my nearly-daily routine is this:

  • check my notifications (who commented on what and who gave me stars)
  • visit their pages and comment back, maybe give some stars
  • click on “Gallery” and view In the Spotlight and Most Recent
  • click on any artworks I’m interested in and award stars, leave comments

Right now I’ve got 211 stars, which are “likes”, and 74 page views. I don’t think I would have that many if I didn’t socialize.

However, socializing and stars and comments don’t equal sales. I started out with the goal of 10 sales in six months, but honestly, I’ll be happy with just one sale in six months.

This is surprising, but I genuinely mean that – sales aren’t all that important to me now. I joined Bluecanvas exclusively to sell prints, but in the past month I’ve seen inspiring artwork, several people have said my artwork is nice, and I’ve got a whole list of things I want to create.

So, right now, I’m just happy that I finally got my artwork into public view – that I took that big, emotional step – and that I’m actually participating in a community. Awarding stars and leaving short comments is good for me, and a nice, safe step into being more visible.

If I do make a sale, though, I will be super happy and I’ll post about it immediately!


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