Artist profile: Zevia – Introduction

Zevia is a little confusing. I discovered the Zevia Deviantart page a few years ago and fell in love. All this time I thought Zevia was one person, but apparently is the home of her game-development team. Now, the Zevia Deviantart page belongs to Mirage, and the other member of the team is Nitarou, who also has a Deviantart page of his own.

So, is the Zevia Deviantart page for the team, or just for Mirage? Does Mirage also use the name Zevia? I don’t know. I will continue to talk of Zevia as if she is Mirage (just one person), but just know that, quite possibly, I may unwittingly put artworks from Nitarou into my posts this month.

I was first attracted to Zevia’s art for her Elementals series. I was looking for inspiration to draw my own series of personified elements, and hers are my favorite. You’ll see those next week.

I really appreciate her flowy manga style and attention to detail (which reminds me of CLAMP). I think that manga and anime are kind of looked down upon in America as being childish, but Zevia is one artist who has a mature sensibility and demonstrates how beautiful and artful manga style is. She also incorporates intriguing abstract elements that remind me of Art Nouveau in their application, if not in their appearance.

The following are miscellaneous artworks to prepare you for a month of gorgeous manga illustrations! As these are crops, please visit the artwork pages for the full view: The Archer, Summoner, Birth, and Death.

a crop of OASE - The Archer
The Archer

Other parts in the Zevia artist profile series
Days of the Week & Birthstones (quiz!)


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