Living Fashion: 1910s Violet evening gown

Living Fashion is a series in which I draw historical clothing on active people, inspired by Draw This Dress by artists Emily Carroll and Vera Brosgol.

So I decided to go with the front view instead, which I’m happy with. She’s in the desert, shooting with what I believe is an English bow; when I googled “archery in the 1910s”, this is what Americans and British had in the photos.

This stellar evening gown is owned by the Met in New York. (Its accession number is 1977.158.1, in case the address changes in the future.) It was produced by House of Worth, a French fashion house that operated from 1858 to 1956 (the brand today is not associated with the original).
I really like the deep violet velvet and the jeweled triangle on the back, but it is kind of a weird construction. I actually didn’t realize at first that there was a cream-colored underskirt, and the sleeves are like, folded over or something… kinda weird.

front bodice
front bodice

back bodice
back bodice


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