Artist Therapy 7: I’m blocked.

Artist Therapy is a series of posts exploring problems we artists have making, getting ready to make, and sharing our art. It is inspired by Havi Brooks’s Blogging Therapy articles.

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Today’s Artist Therapy:
Every now and then, we artists encounter a block. Like Writer’s Block, it feels like there’s a wall, or an emptiness… inspiration is not coming through. And then we feel like sucky artists.

If you’re in that desolate place of Artist’s Block, give yourself a hug. You deserve all the kindness you can spare yourself.

You’re not in this mental place because you suck, you’re too sensitive, or you’re not disciplined enough.

Artist’s Block is a natural part of the cycle of creation. It just happens. The more pressure you put on yourself to “push through” it, the worse it’ll get.

You don’t have to push through anything. You can dance around the edges. Since you’re probably feeling really stressed and bummed out, it’d be a good idea to take a break. Maybe twenty minutes to have some tea, or a few days, or even longer.

Do other things. Think about other things. Rest your poor mind and heart! When you’re ready, come back to your project.

If you’re taking a long time to feel ready, or you’re really doubting yourself, look at your list of ideas. Look at your old artworks, too. You’ll remember how great you are, and maybe you’ll see some old art that you want to re-interpret, update, or improve something you’ve already done.

In conclusion, I want to make it crystal clear: there’s nothing wrong with you when you’re experiencing Artist’s Block.

It will go away. And when it happens next time, you’ll know what to do.



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