Artist profile: Koyamori (Cynthia L.) – Introduction

Artist profile: Koyamori (Cynthia L.) – Introduction

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Koyamori, aka Cynthia L. is an artist who works primarily in watercolor. As you know, I am always impressed by people who can achieve any level of detail with watercolor because I suck at it!

But I love Koyamori’s work for more than just her mastery of the medium. Her compositions are quite dynamic and interesting, and her subject matter (usually nature-related) is often very cute without being cutesy. Her manga style looks like it’s influenced by Miyazaki. Can I say it’s gentle? I just feel really nice when I look at it.

Here’s a preview of this month’s posts:



Canopy Animals
Canopy Animals

Other parts in the Koyamori artist profile series


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