Artist profile: Raindropmemory – Introduction

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

I found Raindropmemory (Teekatas S.) when I was interested in making my own computer icons. I never made any, but I found Raindropmemory’s icons and fell in love with his adorable, soft manga style.

Teekatas S. is from Thailand and I believe he is still in art school – at least he was for a while, since several of his artworks were for school assignments. But he’s posted a few commissions, too, so good for him! He works primarily in digital media now, but many of his older works are traditional watercolor.

This month I’ll be posting his art in the following categories: Friends, Icons, and Detailed (complicated pictures). I won’t be posting any of his 3D works; even though they’re good, I much prefer his illustrations.

Here’s a preview:

Keeta Devi Goddess of Music
Keeta Devi Goddess of Music

Memory of Us
Memory of Us

Natsu Icon Set
Natsu Icon Set

Other parts in the Raindropmemory artist profile series



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