Artist profile: Lady Viridis – Illustration

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Today I present some illustrations by Lady Viridis (Beth Zyglowicz), all of which have a lovely sense of whimsy.

Update: Ms. Zyglowicz’s account is now named Space Turtle Studios.

I like Autumn Chill so much! Look at the little foxes in the fog! Look at the bark on the trees!

Autumn Chill
Autumn Chill

I think this picture shows Ursula Vernon’s influence pretty well – it’s very quirky, fun, and cartoony, yet the turtle is still fairly realistic.

Song of the Space Turtle
Song of the Space Turtle

This illustration is lovely. The stars in the sky mirrored in the foreground, the planets and clouds, and the connection between the dragon and the children – all combine for a sweet image (and I mean sweet in the sentimental sense).

Welcome to Mythos
Welcome to Mythos

Lady Viridis had a brief webcomic called Parallel Parchment that she discontinued after two chapters. This is concept art for a tree that lives in a library. I like the angle, the light splotches, and the round fluffiness of the green leaf clusters.

The Great Tree
The Great Tree

This last image is a school assignment with the theme “presence without form” – depicting a person without actually showing them. It’s colored pencil (yay!) and even though I personally don’t allow my pencil strokes to show, I like them here. The hatching contributes to the cuteness and implied presence of a child.

Tea Party Forgotten
Tea Party Forgotten

Next week I will post a few pictures from Lady Viridis’s “Clockwork Birds” series.

Other parts in the Lady Viridis artist profile series
Clockwork Birds



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