Artist profile: Lady Viridis – Masks

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Update: Ms. Zyglowicz’s account is now named Space Turtle Studios.

Lady Viridis/Beth Zyglowicz makes masks in addition to her illustrations. I’ve always thought making masks would be really cool, especially Carnivale masks, which are amazing.

As I understand it, Lady Viridis puts clay over a plastic mask to create a sturdy base, then adds Model Magic (a “non-toxic modeling material” made by Crayola) on top. She also must paint on top of the Model Magic, but she doesn’t mention what kind of paint – it might just be acrylic.

Firebird Mask
Firebird Mask

Serval Mask
Serval Mask

Kitsune Mask
Kitsune Mask

Winter Mask
Winter Mask

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month of Lady Viridis’s art. It’s pretty neat!

Other parts in the Lady Viridis artist profile series
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