Artist profile: Elda The – Scenes

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.


It’s been a whirlwind of cuteness this month with Elda The‘s artwork. For my last post, I will highlight some lovely scenes she has made that seem to have a story – but for most of them, it’s up to you to imagine what it is.

A Very Dirty Bird
A Very Dirty Bird

This is a scene from one of my very favorite books, The Phantom Tollbooth. You have no idea how great this book is until you’ve read it, so go read it right now!

Simply Lost
Simply Lost

Elda The made this for a project, so she actually did make up a story for it. I love the atmosphere – isolated, lonely, kind of creepy, yet not overly threatening or completely hopeless. What I love most about the scene is the distance – the many layers of roofs that go on and on, creating a great sense of depth and encouraging you to imagine streets upon streets filled with ghostly beings.

A Question Never Asked
A Question Never Asked

Elda The actually has many artworks in a manga style, but I like this one best. It has such a contemplative mood, and is very Japanese in the sense that it presents two quiet, mundane moments. (I think Elda The is from Indonesia, though.) But like Simply Lost, there’s still something cute and nice about it that keeps it from being outright depressing.


I chose this image for its interesting perspective. I still can’t quite wrap my head around the physics of it; I try to imagine what it would look like from the boy’s side, but I can’t. The way the ladies’ hair behaves is great and it’s neat that the fish have halos, too.


You may remember details of this artwork from the Totes Adorbz post. Again, it has a lovely peaceful atmosphere even as it juxtaposes unexpected images and makes you wonder just what is going on.

Thank you for exploring Elda The’s artwork with me this month! Please visit her about page to see all the sites she has and support her by buying things from her store!

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