Artist Profile: Julie Dillon

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

I found Julie Dillon through her Kickstarter project, Imagined Realms. It’s a book of her art that features positive images of women in sci-fi and fantasy.

Dillon is a freelance artist who has won several honors, including the 2014 Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist and two Chelsey awards. Her clients include Oxford University Press, Fantasy Flight Games, and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (who made a perfume based on one of her artworks. Yup.)

Please visit Julie Dillon’s site, her deviantArt page, and Imagined Realms.

This month I’ll be talking about the Imagined Realms artwork, her sci-fi art, fantasy work, and art that falls more into a mythical category. As you’ll see, her interests, capabilities, and subjects span a great many interesting things.

Here’s a preview (click on the images to go to Dillon’s sites):

Launch Point
Launch Point
Southern Lights
Southern Lights
Diver's Haul
Diver’s Haul

A heads-up: Ms. Dillon is the last Artist of the Month on my list. I will still profile artists I like, but it will be only one post per month from now on.

Other parts in the Julie Dillon artist profile series
Imagined Realms


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