Artist profile: Julie Dillon – Imagined Realms

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Imagined Realms is Julie Dillon‘s artbook of sci-fi and fantasy ladies. It’s on Kickstarter, so if you feel inclined to support positive images of women in sci-fi and fantasy art, go contribute.

Dillon has a gallery of the artworks in Imagined Realms on her deviantArt page, and I’ve posted my favorites below. Click on them to see larger versions at Dillon’s sites.

Sun Shepherdess
Sun Shepherdess

Sun Shepherdess is soooo pretty and dynamic. I love this kind of celestial mother-figure, and this particular one is very well done. Just take a few moments to notice all the details.

Slumbering Naiad
Slumbering Naiad

Dillon doesn’t always follow the rules of physics. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I like it.


So colorful! Also, this is a lady in a wheelchair, which you would agree is rare in any kind of art.

Last Stand
Last Stand

I like the halo effect, and the woman’s determined expression.

Fortune's Favored
Fortune’s Favored

Not only is there a beautiful sense of motion with the cloth and banners, Dillon tilted the angle to give it even more excitement.

Join me next week for Dillon’s sci-fi art!

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