Artist profile: Julie Dillon – Sci-fi

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Julie Dillon makes pretty neat art of the science fiction persuasion. Below are my favorites that aren’t included in her Imagined Realms book. Some of these still have an element of fantasy to them, though.

Long Hidden
Long Hidden

Do you see the face? Do you see it?

Ancient Discovery
Ancient Discovery

This was on the cover of Crossed Genres Magazine 2.0 in July 2013. I love it. I love the planets made out of light, I love that it’s a girl, I love that she has a prosthetic leg, I love the Inca feel to her clothes and the architecture. (The fitted stones are a hallmark of Inca architecture – look it up, it’s cool.)

Launch Point
Launch Point

This reminds me of Samus from Metroid.

Planetary Alignment
Planetary Alignment

It looks like this lady is a mechanic who keeps this giant model of the planets (which I found out is called an orrery). The effect of depth is really great – you definitely get the feeling that this mechanism is huge.

Next week I’ll delve into Dillon’s fantasy art.

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