Artist profile: Julie Dillon – Fantasy

Every month, I profile an artist who inspires my own art,
in several segments.

Much of Julie Dillon‘s artwork has fantasy elements. The ones I’ve posted below all have really great motion and interesting use of color, and are super cool.

Desert Dragon
Desert Dragon

Look at the dragon really closely. Does it remind you of anything?


What’s interesting is that this image is part of Dillon’s astrological calendar for Llewellyn, but the design for the cover doesn’t match with the interior artwork. The other astrological signs are pretty cool, so click on the link to see them (I like Aquarius a lot too).

Southern Lights
Southern Lights

It didn’t occur to me that people in the Southern Hemisphere see the Aurora too – but for them it’s called aurora australis. Those polar bears must be special southern polar bears, haha.

Ministry of Changes
Ministry of Changes

Join me next week for my last Julie Dillon post, which is also my last planned Artist of the Month post – AND it’s my 400th post!

Other parts in the Julie Dillon artist profile series
Imagined Realms



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