Anime review: Sailormoon Crystal episode 6

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I use the term Senshi interchangeably with “Scouts” and “Guardians”.


Episode 6: Tuxedo Mask
There were some good things and bad things about this episode, including another unconscious kiss – like, one isn’t enough?

The episode starts out with Mamoru having his own flashback dream, which provides his motivation for finding the Legendary Silver Crystal. He apparently still has no idea that Usagi is Princess Serenity, even though they both have the same buns. BUNS.

In more exciting news, Luna has a secret lair inside the arcade! I don’t remember that at all, and it looks so cool. I took a screencap because it flashes by really fast.

Luna even has a little stool to sit on.
Luna even has a little stool to sit on.

When Luna tells Usagi they should be wary of Tuxedo Kamen, because he could be their enemy, Usagi gets upset and runs away. I found it interesting that the rest of them then went without her to confront Zoisite. The brief battle between them was oddly-choreographed; the Senshi had neat projectile-ish attacks but it was unclear most of the time whether Zoisite was actually harmed or not.

Anyway, we soon come to the first uncomfortable scene of the episode, in which Usagi, apparently totally wiped out from running, faints into Tuxedo Kamen’s arms. I had to run a mile in gym class, and even though I was very much out of breath at the end, I didn’t faint.
Tuxedo Mask holds an unconscious Usagi.
I felt weird about the scene, because it seemed unnecessarily dramatic and I don’t like seeing unconscious girls in the arms of men who previously demonstrated they can’t be trusted around unconscious girls. Also, there’s no way her neck would be that straight.

But once she wakes up and tells him she feels bad that she doesn’t have powerful elemental attacks like the others, he makes this great speech about how she’s the best one to lead them. I liked it a bunch! Here it is:

You have a special power to make everyone smile. You opened them up, and they realized their fates as Sailor Guardians. You are the most ideal person to be a leader.

It’s basically exactly what I said last time about leadership and gender.

Bolstered by Tuxedo Mask’s admiration, Usagi transforms and somersaults her way to the TV tower to confront Queen Beryl, who decided it was time to make an appearance. It seems as though Sailor Moon kills Zoisite, who had intercepted her attack on Beryl. He could (unexpectedly) return the next episode as Jadeite did, though.

Then we get to the second uncomfortable scene, in which Sailor Moon is again lying prostrate in Tuxedo Kamen’s grasp. What is this, Season Two of Legend of Korra?? (OHHHHH BAM, Legend of Korra slam!!)

At least she had cured hundreds of brainwashed Tokyo citizens first.

And you will not believe this, but he kisses her unconscious lips again. WHAT. IS. THIS. SHIT. (In case you need reminding, kissing unconscious girls is not romantic. It is BAD.)

Thank you, Sailor Moon, for your heaving bosom.
Thank you, Sailor Moon, for your heaving bosom.

I just don’t understand why this reboot is so intent on this totally-not-romantic stuff. Without the non-consentual kissing, Mamoru is a really great character – he’s very supportive of Usagi (even though he teases her), he doesn’t resent her for being more powerful than he is, he’s mysterious and dashing, and he shows up just when she needs a confidence boost. These kisses are like character assassination. I sincerely hope there aren’t any more.

I am also a bit confused about why Tuxedo Kamen takes Sailor Moon back to his apartment when, in episode 5, he had shown up at her house. He could have just taken her back there.

But, good news, Usagi finally puts two-and-two together and realizes Mamoru is Tuxedo Kamen. Thank gawd.

What gave it away? My FACE??
What gave it away? My FACE??

Two general observations: The way they’ve animated Mamoru is much more expressive than I remember in the first anime, and that’s cool. Also there was way too much panning up in this episode – where the camera starts at the bottom of the frame and moves upward. I was getting nauseous.

Discussion of how Sailor V is probably a Scout and then she shows up at the end, with her cat Artemis, watching the aftermath of the fight with Beryl.

Looking forward to
Meeting Sailor V! when is it going to happen when when

*In case you’re wondering, the last few episodes of Season Two of Legend of Korra feature the titular character lying unconscious on the ground like twenty times.



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