Sailor Moon Crystal review: episode 8

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Why do I keep posting pictures of this? Because it's awesome!
Why do I keep posting pictures of this? Because it’s awesome!


Episode 8: Minako – Sailor V
Last time I was perplexed about why Sailor Venus has a crescent on her forehead and a crescent weapon, and I am still perplexed – because she claims to be Princess Serenity!

Blushing Sailor Moon thinks, “V-chan, my heroine. She is the princess and she’s standing right in front of me.”

We all know that’s not true at all. Old fans know differently, of course, but even someone watching this series for the first time will have figured out that Usagi is Princess Serenity from her flashbacks.

So I figure that impersonating Princess Serenity is Sailor Venus’s plan to keep Usagi safe. However, I would think it would be impossible to fake her transformation, in which the crescent appears on her forehead – but that’s what happens.

Sailor Venus and Artemis sealed Luna’s memories, which explains why Luna doesn’t know the things I expected her to know. It’s strongly implied that Minako remembers her past life in the Moon Kingdom when she starts to talk to Kunzite about his “true self”; he seems surprised – whether that’s because he does or does not remember his past life is yet to be seen.

Cutie Pie Artemis
Cutie Pie Artemis

In her conversation with Artemis, it’s clear Venus is putting a lot of pressure on herself. She has the most experience being a magical girl than the others – she’s their role model – so she’s taken this mantle of leadership onto herself to protect Usagi and save the world. That’s a lot for a fourteen-year-old to deal with.

But all of the Scouts assure her that she doesn’t have to do this alone – they’re a team, and they will take on the bad guys together. It’s simultaneously cheesy and touching, since lots of girls feel like they have to face challenges alone and can’t reach out to their friends for help.

Sailor Moon says to Venus, “It’s our turn to support you this time.”

Now, onto what is surely the most talked-about moment in the episode: a kiss in which both parties are awake! I was shocked.

It was actually a great moment. At the beginning of the episode, Tuxedo Kamen seemed to have developed a “I can’t protect Sailor Moon” complex. I knew this was going to come up again, and I was right – he blocks an attack by jumping in front of Sailor Moon, who was actually jumping in front of the other Senshi herself.

But before all these heroic/foolish deer-in-headlights sacrifices, Sailor Moon kisses Tuxedo Kamen! She tells him – orders him, really – to get to safety while the Scouts fight Kunzite, and then kisses him. Then she leaps away to battle while Tuxedo Kamen marvels that he sees a different side of her each time they meet.

Sailor Moon says to Tuxedo Kamen, “It’s too dangerous. We will defeat the enemy.”

Glowy bubbles = 1000 times more romantic
Glowy bubbles = 1000 times more romantic

Now, I prefer that when two people kiss, they both know it’s coming, but since all previous kisses between these two had been Tuxedo Kamen kissing her while she was unconscious, I’ll take what I can get.

In other news, the night sky above Tokyo during the blackout is gorgeous.


I’m looking forward to

  • Tuxedo Kamen getting over this “I must protect her” complex
  • Seeing how this reboot handles Kunzite and Zoisite’s relationship – I’ve been informed that they didn’t have a romantic relationship in the manga, only the 1990s anime
  • Usagi discovering her true identity


  1. Thanks! I feel like I should re-read the manga to refresh my memory and compare, but at the same time I want to be surprised by this new series. Maybe I will read it afterwards.

  2. Just found your Sailor Moon reviews! I had begun to think I was the only one doing the same thing. Love yours…you include pictures and shiny, pretty things while I just giggle (alone) at my own supposed wit. I’ll be back. =)

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