Artist profile: Youkai Yume (Sandra Chiem)

I found Youkai Yume from reading her fanfic. She is really into Sesshoumaru and Kagome from Inuyasha, and even though that relationship doesn’t particularly make sense to me, she writes a good story.

Not only does she write, Youkai Yume (aka Sandra Chiem) also illustrates – a lot! Both her deviantArt account and portfolio site – Sandrasaurus are chock full of great artwork.

Red Hoods, Wild Dogs (Sesshoumaru & Kagome)
Red Hoods, Wild Dogs (Sesshoumaru & Kagome)

She works primarily on the computer, and draws for fun, friends, video games, and animation. She’s worked for Konami, Meteor Games (where she contributed to NeoPets: Treasure Keepers), and Red Giant Productions.

It goes without saying that her art style is adorable and creative and I love it. Below are just a few examples of her body of work.

from Kinmoku fashion: Starlights
from Kinmoku fashion: Starlights

Kinmoku is the planet the Starlights and Princess Kaykuu come from. Chiem drew costumes of this type for all the Scouts, and besides the cut-outs, I really like them.

Hikari, "Sailor Moon Fighter"
Hikari, “Sailor Moon Fighter”

This isn’t the only Senshi costume Chiem has done – she’s imagined quite a few, including Pokemon crossovers. Honestly, why couldn’t the Star Fighters have worn something like this instead of their dominatrix outfits? The character Hikari is a “fanbaby” – the daughter of Sailor Moon and Sailor Star Fighter… had Star Fighter been a man. Well, she was a woman in the manga, but turned from a man into a woman in the anime… Sailor Moon is complicated, okay?

Please check out Youkai Yume on DeviantArt and Sandrasaurus for more!


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