Sailormoon Crystal review: episode 10

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Episode 10: MOON
The episode starts with a scene at Usagi’s house in which all of her family members appear. In the manga, there’s a certain point when no one “normal” even shows up anymore, so it’s nice that Sailor Moon Crystal reminds us of normal people once in a while who aren’t just hapless victims on the street.

Usagi's family
Usagi’s family

The Senshi, Luna, and Artemis go to the Moon in this episode, and how they get there is really cool. They go to the fountain that Mamoru and Usagi had bumped into each other in a previous episode, and Luna activates something via her forehead crescent. The girls link hands, form an energy shield, and just blast into space!

The Sailors look back at Earth and marvel at the planet's beauty.
The Sailors look back at Earth and marvel at the planet’s beauty.

When they land on the Moon (in the Sea of Serenity, no less), Mars remarks that there’s no sound, which is a wonderful detail to include. The Senshi see ruins nearby and walk over – it’s the Moon Castle where they all had lived in their past lives.

Earth rises over the Moon Castle ruins.
Earth rises over the Moon Castle ruins.

There is a sword-in-the-stone scene, in which Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus attempt (together and apart) to take it out of its platform. It’s a pretty cool-looking sword, one that I believe Venus wielded as Princess Serenity’s bodyguard; in a flashback you can see her holding it, and she was the one to pull it out of the stone after the others had loosened it up.


The removal of the sword triggers a small hologram to pop up – of Queen Serenity! You’ve seen her in the opening credits of each episode, and now here she is!

Long have we awaited your appearance, Queen Serenity!
Long have we awaited your appearance, Queen Serenity!

It must be weird to have a real-life mom and then travel to the Moon and talk with a hologram of your past-life queen mom. The hologram is the Queen’s “will”, so she and Sailor Moon can interact. Queen Serenity gives some more past-life information, telling the Scouts that the Silver Millennium had watched over Earth and was supposed to “help it improve”. That sounds a bit on the colonialist side, but I’m sure the writers intended for the relationship between the Moon and Earth to be good.

When Endymion sacrificed himself to save Princess Serenity from brainwashed Earth people, she killed herself with his sword. Queen Serenity managed to seal evil Queen Metalia away, but wasn’t able to save the Moon – and the Earth, too, fell into ruin and had to “start over”.

The energy that keeps the hologram going starts to run out. Queen Serenity tells Sailor Moon to be proud of being a princess and that it wasn’t a mistake that the Princess was reincarnated into her. The Queen’s last words are “Please be happy.” Then the hologram dissolves into blue bits of light, and I feel really sad.


Back on Earth, the Scouts appreciate the sights, sounds, and sensations of Nature.

Then we cut to Queen Beryl talking to Queen Metalia about her plans for Tuxedo Mask (I assume she’ll want to use him for ransom for the Legendary Silver Crystal). The four generals eavesdrop and hear Beryl confirm that their past-life memories have not come back – which ironically triggers them to remember. Their flashback is of the ceremony in which they became Endymion’s knights.

Jadeite was the knight of patience and harmony; Nephrite was the knight of intelligence and comfort; Zoisite was the knight of purification and healing; and Kunzite was the knight of purity and affection. These traits seemed somewhat random to me, but whatever.

Having recovered their memories, the generals attack Beryl, but she easily re-brainwashes them and sends them to Tokyo to make some trouble. Kunzite freezes the entire city to bait the Scouts. When the girls show up, they have some good hand-to-hand combat, but then Venus puts a stop to it when she reveals that the Senshi had fallen in love with the generals in their past lives.

When Princess Serenity would steal away to Earth to visit Endymion, the Scouts would follow her. One day, they met Endymion’s knights and paired off: Mars with Jadeite, Jupiter with Nephrite, Mercury with Zoisite, and Venus with Kunzite.

The girls are like “Oooh” and the boys are like “Aw yeah, we know we’re hawt”

The girls can’t bring themselves to fight their past-life loves, and just let the generals attack them. But Sailor Moon cuts off the generals’ attack, scolding them: “How dare you hit girls who are in love?” (That made me laugh.)

THEN she, alone, launches herself into space! If only private space travel was this easy.


A massive Moon Healing Escalation takes care of frozen Tokyo.


Venus snaps out of it and realizes that the Scouts’ duty is to fight for Sailor Moon, no matter how painful it is to fight their former boyfriends. The Senshi combine their powers for a Planetary Attack, trying very hard to make the generals recall their past lives, but it doesn’t work and the boys teleport out.

And, back at Beryl’s lair, she wakes Tuxedo Kamen up and brainwashes him, sending him to Tokyo to kill Sailor Moon and get the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Uh oh!
Uh oh!

The main obstacle to defeating Beryl right now is that the boys in the story don’t remember they loved the Scouts, and don’t remember their own humanity. The girls have come into their own powers, but they’d be able to take Beryl down much easier if the generals joined them in the fight.

Overall, this episode was very good, and the flashbacks were heavy but not overwhelming. Meeting hologram Queen Serenity was the (bittersweet) highlight for me.

I’m looking forward to:

  • When brainwashed Mamoru shows up… oh no!
  • The generals re-remembering their past lives, haha
  • There are 26 planned episodes of this series – what in hell awesomeness awaits us??

And here is the illustration from the manga that has provided us with this excellent storyline:




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